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Web design done for Metalarc in 2019, a company specialized in lighting. Located in Madrid, it is one of the benchmarks in Spain. I wanted to make a modern design with a high aesthetic sense since a part of the target audience are interior designers who are very sensitive to aesthetics.


About Metalarc

Founded in 2009, Metalarc was born with the idea of ​​having its own brand with which to give the client a quality technical product at a competitive price to complement design and avant-garde lighting projects.

In the beginning, we provided solutions for consumables such as light bulbs, but thanks to the innovative ideas of our team, we soon realized that the market demanded more solutions needed for lighting projects. With this, we decided to increase the portfolio so that any light designer could rely on us for any project.

My Approach

I focused on easy usability of the site. Being an online store with a lot of product, categorization and correct visualization was very important. With a fresh and modern design that will frame it.

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